Fixer Paraguay: Trusted Support for TV/Film Crews and Foreign Journalists


Fixer Paraguay is a team of reliable media professionals in Paraguay offering local assistance to international journalists and production crews. Our services include location scouting, film permits processing and general assistance for filmmakers and journalists. Additionally, we offer full logistics support through our local partners everywhere in the country.


We have an extensive network of contacts with an international background and experience in working on projects with foreign crews.


Fixer Paraguay is a member of ProductionCenter.TV, a network of reliable media professionals providing worldwide fixer services for foreign journalists, filmmakers and TV crews across various countries of the world.

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Fixer Paraguay offers a range of services including:

– General assistance for international productions in Paraguay;

– Crew sourcing: finding the best of technical and non-technical professionals in Asunción, Encarnación and other locations in Paraguay;

– Location scouting, management and film permits processing

– Support for international journalists: fact checks, interviews, finding local contributors


Our fixers in Paraguay can also cover various roles within your production team. These include:

– First AD

– Production assistant

– Production manager

– Location scout/manager


Our network of production fixers in Paraguay are spread out all over the country. Thus, we can deliver effective services both in the big cities as well as the small communities.


Fixer Paraguay offers tailored support for any media professional coming to our country. TV/commercial producers can get general production assistance, location management and sourcing of local services. We offer fact checks, research services and contributor assistance to journalists. In addition, our fixers cover the needs of foreign photographers by sorting itineraries and providing local access.


Feel free to get in touch with us if you are filming in Paraguay or covering a news report here. We will be glad to work with you on your project.

Production Services

Local support for foreign journalists

We carry out research, check facts and provide logistics and production support

TV commercials

Location, crew sourcing and general logistics for TV commercial shoots

General production assistance

A one-stop-shop for all your production requirements

Film production

A reliable alternative for filmmakers and producers

Equipment rental & crew sourcing

Production kit rental and crew sourcing anywhere in Paraguay.

Location scouting and permits

Location scouting and processing of film permits when necessary

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