With a hot sub-tropical climate, the country is heaven for producers who like summer. However, the winter months are also perfect for filming in Paraguay. Locals are friendly and there is an abundance of natural, architectural and cultural attractions. Paraguay is one of the most stable countries in Latin America, which turns it into a more predictable environment for producers and journalists.

Although there is little filming infrastructure available, bringing additional crew and kit from abroad is quite straightforward.

Below we have listed some of the main tips for filming in Paraguay, including film permits, attitude towards foreign media and government support for filmmakers.


Film Permits in Paraguay

Paraguay is a film-friendly country. Processing permits is relatively quick and easy and pretty much inexpensive. Drone filming is permitted in many parts of Paraguay.

While there is no single authority regulating filming in Paraguay, dealing with multiple parties for film permits is more straightforward than other places around the world.

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Access for Foreign Journalists

Generally, the local media landscape is not too conducive for journalists. Therefore, working as a foreign correspondent in Paraguay can be a bit complicated.

The country ranks 107th in the World Press Freedom Index, close to Brazil and Montenegro. This shows there is a lot of room for improvement in the general attitude towards journalism.

Many institutions and individual contributors might be willing to be part of current affairs reports. However, we recommend extra care in certain locations given criminal activities in border regions, for example. Sometimes the local social climate can make conditions unfavourable for international journalists.

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Tax Incentive

There currently no incentives in place for international films and commercials production in Paraguay. However, local authorities and the government can be supportive towards producers provided that you can prove the content promotes the country.