Filming locations in Paraguay are a mix of different natural scenery and city life. There are swamplands, subtropical rainforests, savanna as well as hilly landscape, all within a landlocked country. Buzzing cities like Asunción and Ciudad del Este combine colonial architecture with modernity.

Below are some of the most popular filming locations in Paraguay.


The capital and largest city in the country is also the main production center. Asunción is one of the oldest South American cities.

Many consider it of the cheapest cities for foreigners to visit, therefore foreign crews will find working here quite affordable. Filming locations in Asunción include colonial-age buildings, baroque cathedrals and picturesque streets.

Filming Locations in Paraguay - Asuncion

Jesuit Mission Ruins

The 17th century colonial-age ruins of the Jesuit religious missions are some of the most impressive relics Paraguay. They reflect the historical richness of the country. The best preserved of the ruins include Jesús, Damian and Trinidad Missions.

Filming Locations in Paraguay - Jesuit Mission Ruins

Ybycuí National Park

Located about 150 km from the capital, this national park is among the most popular and arguably the most visited in the country. Ybycuí, which protects parts of the Parana Atlantic Forest, also hosts some impressive array of wildlife. Given its natural diversity, this national park is certainly one of the filming locations in Paraguay to keep an eye on.

Filming Locations in Paraguay - Ybycui

Cerro Cora National Park

Asides being the largest protected area in all of Paraguay, the Cerro Cora National Park is also a major historical site. The area is the site of the last Paraguayan war and hosts several historical monuments. However, the significance of the park reaches far back into the past. This is because there are ancient rock paintings dating as far back as 5000 years ago.   

Filming in Paraguay - Cerro

Lake Ypacarai

This is one of the major bodies of water in Paraguay. The lake, its beaches and the three cities of Areguá, San Bernardino, and Ypacara that surrounds it are hotspots of Paraguay.

Filming in Paraguay - Ypacarai

San Lorenzo

This city is a suburb of Asunción, the capital. San Lorenzo is the third most populated city in the country and hosts the National University of Asunción and its campuses.

Filming in Paraguay - San Lorenzo

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