Our Paraguayan fixers work autonomously to scout for locations, get permits and provide general production assistance for journalists and film crews. We can also source for local crew and logistic services through our local partners.  

Because our production fixers work as freelancers, we charge zero fixed costs. Therefore, our services are a lot more affordable compared to that of a regular production company in Paraguay.

Location Scouting

Asunción is the capital and main production centre in Paraguay. In addition, there is an array of various filming locations including natural and man-made structures available all over the country. We can assist you with finding the best locations for your project and processing required film permits.

Crew Sourcing

Paraguay offers a small pool of technical crew like directors, photographers and cameramen. While some standard crew members are readily available locally, more specialized crew may have to come from abroad.

Equipment Hire

Standard filming equipment is locally available in Paraguay. In addition, drones and other sophisticated gear is also accessible in local rentals. However, for large scale production, you might need to ship in specialized equipment from abroad. For this, you will need the help of a local customs broker. Fixer Paraguay can assist you with local rentals as well as the process of bringing production kit into the country.

Assistance for Foreign Journalists

Fixer Paraguay has a highly extensive network of professionals spread out all over the country. We have a wealth of experience working with international journalists in major cities and also remote villages of Paraguay. We can assist with the process of verifying facts through initial research and accessing local contributors.  

General Production Support

We can assist you with putting together a production crew no matter the size of your project. We also work with a long list of reliable local suppliers to set up shoots of various kinds anywhere in Paraguay.

From film permits to talent sources, Fixer Paraguay works as a one-stop-shop for producers.